Modern, Renaissance-inspired apartments in Florence


Welcome to Bob’s first apartments in Italy, right in the heart of Florence. Find out how our designer Rocio de La Puente crafted an interior design concept around the Santo Spirito neighbourhood, Florence’s history, and local artisan decor items. 

Just south of the Arno River that flows through Florence lies the Santo Spirito neighbourhood, an area bubbling with trendy boutiques and swanky cafe bars. This vibrant district is packed with history and is only footsteps from Florence’s most iconic historical sites.

With so much to do and see in Santo Spirito, you could easily spend your entire visit in the neighbourhood and never get bored. For this reason, Santo Spirito is an excellent base for exploring the city of Florence.

Design highlights

Bob W Ponte Vecchio’s design draws inspiration from Florence’s central square, Piazza della Signoria, and its intricate Renaissance sculptures. Designer Rocio de La Puente has beautifully integrated two of the most prominent colours used during Renaissance times into the property. Shades of blue – the colour of power and honour – and brown – robust, sophisticated, and elegant, can be found throughout each space. 

From the colours of the walls to local and sustainable pieces, each element has been inspired by the hues of the Renaissance to mirror Florence at its best. 

Fully equipped private kitchen at Bob W Ponte Vecchio apartments

A designer that gets it

Spanish designer Rocio de La Puente has used her incredible talents and background in hotel interior design to create a space that perfectly blends into the Santo Spirito neighbourhood. By carefully selecting pieces made in Italy and pairing them with natural textiles and colourful ceramics, she’s managed to give the property a unique Italian bohemian vibe.

Beds designed and made in Italy by the Rinaldi Group

Comfort at its finest

When you stay with Bob, we ensure you’re not just sleeping on any old bed. We know getting a good night’s rest is essential, so we’ve fitted our Florentine apartments with the best premium Italian beds we could find. 

Each bed was designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy by the Rinaldi Group, a family business operating since 1965. Our sofa beds are custom-made for Bob by M. Campos Silva in Portugal, a world leader in producing high-quality upholstery.

Sofa beds custom made for Bob by M. Campos Silva

Furniture with Italian flair

When Bob W is searching for the perfect piece of furniture to add to his pads, he naturally gravitates toward locally made ones. Our Santo Spirito property is no different. Each apartment is outfitted with chairs from Italian brand Pedrali made in Italy from 100% recycled materials. Lighting up each space are contemporary fixtures by Illux Florence, a local brand initially founded in Florence in 1959 to produce chandeliers.

Pedrali chairs made in Italy from 100% recycled materials

Art prints by Florentine graphic designer and illustrator Nicoletta Mafferi (aka Nicole Made), and placemats and coasters designed in Italy by Italian textile brand Lisa Corti further add to the uniqueness of each apartment.

Hand-painted ceramic cups make sipping your morning coffee extra special. They hail from architect turned artist Mery Barrasso, who delicately draws local motifs onto each mug. You can even take home a piece of her work from her shop Galleria Ponte Vecchio downstairs from Bob W Ponte Vecchio.

Hand-painted Tuscan mugs by Mery Barrasso of ceramics shop Galleria Ponte Vecchio

A seriously sustainable stay

Feel good about sleeping with Bob when you know that every night you spend with us is powered by 100% renewable energy. As part of our climate-neutral commitment, we’re also conscious about the partners we choose to work with. 

Balcony at Bob W Ponte Vecchio apartments

We’ve tucked a few vintage finds into our Santo Spirito apartments to create a cosy space that feels like home. For a unique, layered look, we’ve sourced vintage chairs, glass vases, and coffee table decor from Florence’s daily flea market, Mercato della Pulci. Whoever said sustainability couldn’t be stylish?

Furthermore, our dining tables are made in Portugal by Tábula, a furniture company dedicated to making sustainable household products. Each piece is made with wood from certified and sustainable forests, with finish coatings that do not use raw materials containing added lead or lead compounds.

Even our curtains are sustainable! Give our nature-inspired sheer curtains from Vescom a tug when you need a little privacy. Made from 75% recycled materials, these curtains add style to your stay in an environmentally conscious way.

1-bedroom apartment with kitchen and balcony at Bob W Ponte Vecchio

Book your stay

Come see Bob W Ponte Vecchio for yourself! Book your stay now via our website for the best rates. Follow Bob on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about our new openings. See you in Florence!

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