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Where can I book a stay with Bob W?

Always use our direct website which guarantees the best deals. ;) To see all our apartments visit this page.
Another option is to reach out directly via email or telephone.

What can I expect from sleeping with Bob W?

With Bob W you always know what you get. Bob gives you the best of both worlds: neighbourhood apartments where home meets hotel. Read more about the 12 things you can expect from every Bob W via this link.

Can I have a business relationship with Bob W?

Yes you can. We have company and community products available for you guys. Check out more details on our biz site or reach out directly

Does Bob care about our planet and sustainability?

F*#k yeah! Sustainability is at the core of everything we do with Bob W. Get the lowdown of how we are rethinking sustainability in hospitality here.

How long can I sleep with Bob W? A night, weeks or months?

Bob’s apartments have everything you need to stop by or stick around for longer. You can stay anywhere from one night to many months at a time. Daily, weekly and monthly rates automatically applied when you book direct on our website.

How to book business stays via the Bob W website

How can we access the apartment?

We have keyless access and self check-in available 24/7, 365 days of the year. To access the apartment please fill in our virtual check-in form that gets sent to you automatically, well before your arrival. This ensures your silky smooth entry. After filling the information we will send the keyless entry access details one day before your arrival. Self check-in is available any time after check-in time from 3PM.

Where can we store our luggage before check-in or after check-out?

As we do not have our own luggage storage possibilities in the buildings, we have a few local luggage storage options to guide you to, just ask.

Where can I find the online check-in form?

Online check-in form will be sent to your email. Make sure you have provided us with your email address.

I have not received any confirmation or information from you - what do I do?

Please double check that you have provided us with your correct email address and telephone number. Our check-in information is always sent via email as well as your other preferred channels (like SMS). If you are not receiving anything - please reach out to Bob.

Can I check-in earlier and check-out later?

We love to make special requests happen but we cannot always guarantee a late check-out/early check-in as it depends on other guests and cleaner schedules. Check-in time starts from 3PM and check-out time is 11AM.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is forbidden in any apartment. Please exit the building or use your terrace (if there is one). Do not throw cigarettes on the ground.

Can I add a baby crib to my apartment?

Yes - just note it down when booking.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, while we love our furry friends as much as you do, we cannot welcome them in our apartments. Each apartment building has its own rules and as a general rule of thumb we don't allow pets.

Do you have fully equipped kitchen?

Yes! Every Bob W apartment has fully equipped kitchens (although only selected apartments have ovens). Dishwasher included. There’s all you need for comfortable living and a perfect stay.

Is there a fitness facility?

Damn right there is! We offer complimentary local gym access with every apartment. We also have 2x yoga mats in every apartment and a complimentary access to online studio Yogaia. See city-specific FAQs for more details or reach out to Bob.

Can I take the 100% recycled tote-bag with me?

Feel free to take it with you around the neighbourhood, leave it in your apartment or keep for your next adventures. As long as you don’t throw it away :)


Why do you have a cleaning fee?

We charge every customer a mandatory one-time €45 cleaning fee. This fee is charged on every channel we are on (including, airbnb and our own website). This includes cleaning, apartment restocking, hotel linen & towels etc. Charging a one time cleaning fee is typical for vacation rental providers in the Nordic countries.

Where can I park my car?

Parking in Punavuori is available on the streets. Please see rates and details on the city's site. Easiest way to pay for on-street parking is the "Easy Park" app available in the app stores.

How can I reach the apartment from the Airport?

Taxi, Uber - costs around 40€ and takes around 30min. Ask for a fixed price before stepping in the taxi. Another option is an airport train which takes around 30min and costs around 3€ per person. After that you need to take a 15min walk to the apartment. Here’s the link for the train.

What's the cancellation policy?

You may cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival. Should you cancel in the 7 days before arrival the total price will be charged. In case you have booked through other sites (, airbnb, expedia etc), different cancellation policies may apply and all changes/cancellations need to go through the original booking site.

The door does not open - how do I get in?

Please follow the instructions sent to your email carefully prior to your arrival. If it does not work - please reach out to Bob via phone. If needed, we will give you instructions on how to get the physical key.

Do you have complimentary Wifi?

Heck yes! It's in your arrival message, check it out and enjoy the free internet. ;)

How can I recycle?

We love a green mind so please separate the bottles and paper from the rest and you can and leave it in the apartment as our cleaners will take it out for you.

Do you have a gym nearby?

Name of gym: Voimalaitos, see the site.
Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 4, 00130 Helsinki (2nd floor)
Opening times: 6AM until 11PM daily (via card)
Guide: We have two complementary gym cards in total for you located in the apartment. Bring them with you or you won’t get in. Enter the gym from the street via the glass door that has a card reader on the side. Bring the passes back to the apartment. Ps. Check the gym’s site and facebook page for latest info.

Any recommendations for activities and restaurants in Punavuori area?

For sure! Punavuori has a lot of cool places to visit so we have lots of different recommendations - reach out to Bob and he'll guide you to the most awesome local spots. ;)

Do you have breakfast included?

Breakfast is not included but Bob has some lovely spots for you to go to for breakfast. For example: 
Levain - neighbourhood style eatery and favourite brekkie spot.
Relove - Cafe & clothing store. Vegan friendly & most instagrammed brekkie in Helsinki.
Brooklyn Cafe - Brooklyn meets Punavuori founded by two ladies who emigrated from Brooklyn to our neighbourhood.


Do I need to add my credit card to your check-in form?

Depends on your booking. If the accommodation is all charged and paid for by your company or an online travel agent you have booked through then there is no need to add your credit card details for the booking. Our online check-in form asks these details in case you decide to add additional services (breakfast or parking) to your booking. Please feel free to leave these fields empty and exit the browser.

How do I access the complimentary gym?

You can access MyFitness Balti Jaama Turg in our Telliskivi neighbourhood, in the basement of the “Balti Jaam” market building.

You can google “MyFitness Balti Jaama Turg” to find it. Once you arrive, tell the gym's front desk that you are friends with Bob W and show your booking confirmation email as proof.

If you need help, chat with Bob W (+372 519 205 27)

P.S. One complimentary access per guest per day limit ;)

How can we reach the apartment from Tallinn Airport, Ferry Terminal or Bus Station?

All of them are located just a few km from the city centre. 

Tallinn Airport - Taxi, Uber, Bolt (10min); Tram nr 4 (Airport to Hobujaama) + tram nr 1 or 2 from Hobujaama to Telliskivi stop (30 min). 
Ferry Terminal - Taxi, Uber, Bolt (10min); Tram nr 2 or 4 from Linnahalli to Telliskivi stop (15min).
Bus Station - Taxi, Uber, Bolt (10min); Tram nr 2 from Bussijaam to Telliskivi stop (25min).

See the timetables.

What’s the cancellation policy?

Plans change—we get it. If you’ve booked directly on with the option ‘Pay Later’ you can cancel your reservation up to 24hrs before the 3PM check-in time on your arrival day. If you cancel the stay out of this free cancellation window, the whole amount of your stay will be charged from your credit card. 
If you have booked your stay with the ‘Pay Now’ option you can not cancel the stay for free or change your stay dates. The whole amount of your stay will be charged from your credit card one hour after the booking has been created.
If you’ve reserved through a different booking site, please refer to the cancellation policy on those sites. All cancellation requests must go through the original booking channel.

Where can we park the car?

There are a few public parking spots on Heina and Telliskivi streets, but there is no guarantee you will always find a free one. The option we would suggest is our indoor parking spots under our building. We charge a €10 parking fee per day and you can take the lift directly to your suite. Parking will be charged from your credit card.

I cannot access my apartment, my code is not working - what do I do?

This rarely happens but if it does - best thing is to call us. We’ll guide you and make sure you get in.

Do you have breakfast included?

Not included, but we do offer a breakfast package! We do not have breakfast on property but Bob has partnered up with several cafes and restaurants in Telliskivi who offer awesome breakfast. This can be purchased for 8€ per person - you can choose between 2 different breakfast spots we handpicked just for you.

Do you have complimentary Wifi?

Of course! The network name is your Bob W apartment number and you’ll find the password in your access message.

How can I recycle?

We love a green mind! Recycled waste can be thrown in the bins located in the wooden enclosure on the right side of the building. You can access it with your apartment access code. You may also take empty bottles to the recycling point which is in the Rimi shop near our house in exchange for cold hard cash (3 min walk).

Can I have an extra bed in my apartment?

Yes! We have some apartments with a loveseat that opens up to an extra single bed and some apartments with a sofa which open to become a double bed. Additional charges may apply.

Do you have twin beds?

We do have a couple of apartments with premium bunk beds that are great for twin bed setup. All of our other apartments have double or queen beds big enough for 2 persons. Some of these apartments also have a twin bed possibility using the extra bed as a second bed (loveseat and sofa).

Do you have a sauna in the house?

We do not have saunas in house but it can be used in MyFitness Balti Jaam which you can go to complimentary when staying with Bob.

Can we get more gym passes?

Your brand wall in the apartment has all the information! ;) You are entitled to use MyFitness Balti Jaam during your stay.

How do I use the TV and Netflix?

TV switches on when pressing both left and right on/off buttons on the Telia TV (smaller) remote. For Netflix you can use the bigger remote to navigate to the on-screen Netflix button. It is necessary to use your own account for Netflix. And don’t forget to log out of your account before you leave!

How do I switch off the TV?

To turn off the TV please use both left and right on/off buttons on Telia TV (smaller) remote. This will switch off not only the TV but also the digi-box.

How do you get the stove to work?

It might be the case that it’s locked - hold down the lock sign for a few seconds and it will turn on.

Am I supposed to heat up the coffee pot on the stove?

No. It is a (metal colour) french press and should not be placed on the stove. Boil up some water with the kettle and pour it into the french press over some coffee and then place it on a cork pot mat.

Can I buy the water bottles or locally hand-made coffee cups in the apartment?

The ones in the apartment are not for sale :/ You can however buy them directly from the artist and supplier: Raili Keiv and Dopper.

Where’s the nearest supermarket?

About 3 min walk from the house towards Telliskivi tram station, just turn left from the house and walk straight until you come across a red supermarket called Rimi.

Any recommendations for activities and restaurants in Telliskivi area?

Plenty of ideas here - Telliskivi is full of awesome places and that’s what we are all about - making sure you experience all the fun in the coolest neighbourhood in town! See our blog for local secrets and inspiration. You can always reach out to Bob and he’ll have loads of places for you to go to.

How can I regulate the temperature in the room?

Please use the controller on the wall to adjust the under floor heating - 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. Voilà ;)

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