Our Story

You may be wondering, who is this dude Bob? 

Many have heard of him but few have met him. He’s a globetrotter who feels at home anywhere. A month rehabilitating sea turtles in Australia, a weekend learning how to cook the perfect paella in Valencia. “Bob? You just missed him. He was here last night,” says a bartender in Beirut. 

Bob’s got connections in every city and always knows the best places to stay. When he’s in one place long enough, he also loves to host. And those who have been lucky enough to stay with Bob know that he is a truly epic host.

Bob makes it look easy, but the truth is that finding great accommodation can be a pain in the ass. Sorting through thousands of random private rentals is like playing Russian roulette. Staying in a tiny, generic hotel room can be a total mood-killer. 

After being asked for the ten-thousandth time, “Bob, how do you find these amazing places to stay?” he decided to do something to help us common folk. In 2018, Bob enlisted the help of two of his friends – Niko Karstikko and Sebastian Emberger – to create short-stay apartments worthy of his name. 

These apartments had to combine the reliability and services of a hotel with the practicality and flair of private rentals. They needed prime locations in handpicked neighbourhoods, filled with furniture and design from local artists inside. They needed to be environmentally friendly and feel like home for a night or a month (or two). It was a tall order, but Bob, Niko and Sebastian were game.

Inspired by the legend himself, Bob W was born.

Bob W today

Our exceptionally cool short-stay apartments are the smarter, more sustainable alternative to hotels and random rentals. Backed by Europe’s top real estate investors and venture capitalists including byFounders VC, Superangel, NREP, TESI, and Kaamos, we’re building the autonomous hospitality technology to give every guest a local, contactless, five-star experience at scale. Bob W apartments are available in Tallinn and Helsinki and are soon expanding to London, Madrid and beyond.



Niko becomes an Airbnb Superhost with a few apartments in Helsinki, Finland.


Niko and Sebastian co-found Bob W.

First location opens in the Punavuori district of Helsinki.


Apartments in Tallinn’s Telliskivi district open.

Team grows to 5 people.


Team grows to 25 people.

Launches “hospitality engine” tech to scale internationally.


Bob W becomes the first international climate-neutral hospitality provider.

€10M in funding secured.

Helsinki City Centre opens doors.

Team grows to 35 people and counting.

London Whitechapel expansion announced for 2022.

Madrid Chueca opens doors (September 2021).

Our Values

Bob wrote down our main values here, though they were pretty obvious to us from the get-go:

ONE. Show love to our neighbour(hood).

TWO. Protect our environment.

THREE. Promote a culture of mutual respect for everyone. guests, locals and humans from all backgrounds.

FOUR. Make each stay a truly memorable experience.

FIVE. Promise to keep these four values

Bob exposed in 60 secs