Our Story

Most of us You hear these stories everywhere. Now get to know the man. And his business.

Bob W is the mythical globetrotter who calls nowhere his home but is at ease anywhere. He has been to every place you’ve never heard of and those you know. Calling him the forefather of every modern nomad is an understatement. He will linger if he likes a neighbourhood, a certain café, a fascinating woman, or just gets a sudden lack of restless feet.

He is the legend who saved babies hanging from Kilimanjaro cliffs, had a dozen koalas piggybacking him through Australian fires, guided oily waters off the shores of Alaska and so much more. A natural born philanthropist, he champions life and will fight for the wellbeing of the planet and all of us.

As it happens, a few years back Bob W had a new feeling. To create something that lasts. How could he lower the threshold for living like him even for the less adventurous (though also give good bases for those closer to his level – few are). He met Niko and Sebastian in a classic moment of “everyone knows the monkey but the monkey knows no one”. Fans of Bob W, the guys got talking with the man, the myth, the legend. Quickly, the trip pulled a full concept out of thin air. It was time to reimagine hospitality: why settle for what exists when you can create a new category? The best of both worlds: a boutique hotel without the distance and complexity of hotels with all the convenience and perks of a hotel. A place you can call home without too much intimacy or the dodginess of private renters. A shortcut into the neighbourhood’s culture. And all this with the best of the world and you at its core. Time to lay the rule for a new standard.

Of the gruesome twosome, Niko brings a Nordic-bred sense of design and functionality, while Sebastian gives the set-up a healthy dose of German reliability and realism. Additionally, our hotel-like apartments / home-like sites got backing from top European venture capital and leading, future-minded real estate players. Today, Bob W and his associates operate in Finland and Estonia with plans to take the concept across Europe and, one day, beyond. You see, when Bob W dreams, he dreams on a godly scale.

Now’s the time to get it on with the cult and start sleeping with Bob W.

Our Values

Bob wrote down our main values here, though they were pretty obvious to us from the get-go:

ONE. Show love to our neighbour(hood).

TWO. Protect our environment.

THREE. Promote a culture of mutual respect for everyone. guests, locals and humans from all backgrounds.

FOUR. Make each stay a truly memorable experience.

FIVE. Promise to keep these four values


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do with Bob W.

When we got started, it was just natural to make the question “what is the sustainable option” as part of every decision. This isn’t about some high-flying theoretical stuff or useless greenwashing, it’s a practical issue. We change how the world rolls by making good choices. Less hype, more action, please.

Get the lowdown of how we are rethinking sustainability in hospitality.


Locally sourcing is a win-win for everyone - Not only are we able to support local craftsmanship and create spaces that are seriously authentic and local, we’re also cutting down on transport emissions and waste from excess packaging.

We’ve estimated that around 70% of furniture in our suites are locally sourced.

100% renewable energy

All Bob W suites run on 100% renewable energy produced from clean natural resources - like wind, sun and water. Simple as that. Bye bye fossil fuels!

Towards zero waste

There’s nothing like “throw away”, only “throw somewhere else” and we don’t want to leave a mess after ourselves. You won’t find paper towels or almost any single-use-plastics in our suites. We’ve replaced everyday items with e.g. biodegradable equivalents, a more sustainable option without cutting on comfort. Simple small things with a meaningful impact.

Ecologically responsible partnerships

In choosing our vendors we expect transparency and an equally passionate approach to ecological sustainability. To take things up a notch, we request our vendors to choose green delivery options and to be mindful when packing our orders - skip the plastic wrapping (OBV)!

Having close relationships and an open dialogue about sustainability is important to us.

The Bob W way - the new standard for sustaining hospitality

We recognize that we operate on a platform that allows for great international exchange. By introducing our guests to sustainable options, we’re pumped about sharing knowledge and inspiring to greener deeds across borders.

Within this, we want to encourage our guests to express their ideas of improvement. The Bob W way is an answer to a shared concern for our planet, reacting to a need to change, always striving to be better and rooting for a new normal. 

Got ideas or thoughts on this stuff ? Give us a shout at [email protected] 

Hey! We don’t just talk. Here are some things we’ve done thus far:

  • All cleaning detergents, the ones provided for our guests and those used by our cleaners are biodegradable.
  • All our suites are equipped with “Stop the water while using me!” toiletries, urging our guests to save water. The bottles are refillable and the product natural cosmetics.
  • Skip the plastic bag! We lend out swanky tote bags made of recycled cotton.

Oh, and also our Bob W shirts are made of recycled textiles by the Finnish brand Pure Waste - each shirt saves 2700L of water and are responsibly made.

  • Bob W’s custom scents are made by a small Finnish artisan producer, Osmia. The scents contain simple and clean, natural ingredients of highest quality. The bottle itself is refillable and quite naturally, we’ve specifically requested to have them delivered without excess packaging.
  • Our premium Matri beds are made in Estonia exclusively from clean and safe materials. You may sleep with ease, knowing that you’re not inhaling toxins and “plastic softeners” all night long (pun intended). We’re investing in high quality beds, not only for the best sleep, but because of their longer lifespan.

Psst! Did you know that the Matri factory runs on solar panels for most of the year.

  • Coffees and teas offered in our suites are Fair trade. Our chocolates are vegan, sustainably sourced and locally handmade (Goodio in Helsinki and Stay Young in Tallinn for example).
  • We strive to recycle everything and urge our guests to do the same by making it as easy as possible. Each suite is equipped with its own in-depth, location specific recycling guide.
  • In Bob W.  Tallinn suits, covering 80% of our operations, the bed linen and towels are provided by Lindström Group. Quoting them “Our whole business builds on a circular economy.” - honestly, quite impressive.
  • We give 1€ to “The ocean clean up”-project for each booking. Our reusable water bottles support the project as well. 

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