Leasing with Bob



Bob operates in a high-demand and maturing category of hospitality: the short-stay rental market (a.k.a. serviced apartments). This segment adds long term value for the property owner.

Cater to the increasing interest in shorter-term leases and furnished options by letting us provide the operations and management that will help you meet this growing market.



Handpicked neighbourhoods across multiple capital cities take the guesswork out of choosing a cool, authentic location.


Home-level comfort enhanced by all the amenities you need when you’re travelling.


From the effortless booking process to contactless entry and 24/7 support, everything happens digitally.


Each stay is made as green as possible by using energy-saving fixtures, locally-soured furniture and 100% renewable energy.


All Bob's apartments come with the same core amenities you love, like fast WiFi and a kitchen, so you know what to expect every time.


Premises with commercial and mixed-use zoning
> Existing hospitality properties
> Office conversions
> Retail conversions
> New developments
>Residential properties with short-stay licensing

15+ units (500+ m2) per property
> Flexibility to take on from 15 to 200 units

The right neighbourhoods in major European cities
> Central or urban with character
> Close to service partners or public transportation

Long-term partnerships
> Lease agreements for 10-25 years

I’ve been impressed by the Bob W. team and what they’ve achieved with limited resources, having built a super-scalable, tech-enabled model already praised by travelers. Their complementary skills, coupled with previous founding and scaling experience, means they are in a perfect position to target the intersection between real estate and hospitality.
Tommy Andersen - Managing Partner at top European VC
"Bob W is the perfect tenant that landlords have been looking for - not only do we build strong economic partnerships, but thanks to being a professional player in a growing short-term hospitality market, we do something that many tenants fail to deliver - we add value."
Taavi Pettai - Director of Real Estate
"Commercial apartments are an emerging real estate asset class that is here to stay. Bob is a leading operator/ tenant in this class adding value to properties with their home-meets-hotel hybrid concept"
Priit Uustulnd - CEO of Kaamos, a leading Real Estate developer in the Baltics

Who's with Bob W?

Backed by top European real estate players, venture capitalists and private equity. We are setup to expand globally and looking for partners to join the ride.


“A new generation of travellers have developed a refined taste when it comes to accommodation; they’re mixing business with pleasure and often staying for longer.”
Read more about our €10M seed round


We're always looking for new real estate partners to help bring the Bob W experience to the world.