Touches of Atocha in Bob W Arte


Be local, sleep global. We’re back with another location in Madrid, Bob W Arte, to add to our list of hand-picked apartments across Europe. Book a stay now.

The Atocha neighbourhood

We’re stepping foot into central Madrid with one of our latest properties, Bob W Arte! Located in the Atocha neighbourhood, it’s right around the Atocha train station. You’ll find no shortage of things to do, with Atocha being home to the Reina Sofia and Prado national art museums, El Retiro Park and a never-ending list of local and international cuisines. Atocha is a great place to explore, as well as a great starting point for you to adventure around Madrid and Spain. 

Design highlights

Bob W Arte’s design takes after the luscious tropical garden inside the Atocha train station – Madrid’s prime transportation hub. Aligning with Bob W’s values, designer Rocio de La Puente has sourced local and sustainable pieces with diverse origins, natural colours and textures. Enjoy the serenity and hints of the tropical garden right in the comfort of your own apartment complete with fully equipped kitchen. 

A designer that vibes with us

Each of Bob W’s properties are designed to blend in to the specific neighbourhood it’s in, while showcasing our unique characteristics. Spanish designer Rocio de La Puente has helped us do just that. An experienced hotel interior designer, she brings the Bob W Arte location to life through her sophisticated and fun designs.

Outfitting our apartments with the best

We ensure that you’re getting the best of both worlds when you stay with us. That’s why we’ve fitted our rooms with the best premium beds we could find, made by the Rinaldi Group, an Italian company founded in 1965 based on the values of sustainable creativity. Our bespoke sofa beds are made by M. Campos Silva in Portugal, a household name known for its excellence in upholstery, interior design, innovation and quality. 

Traces of Spain throughout Bob W

When we source, we ensure the pieces are locally-made. The Bob W Arte location is no exception, with many of our pieces sourced right in Spain. 

All our chairs and armchairs come from the sustainable Spanish furniture brand Enea. The brand focuses on creating beautiful, strong, and sustainable pieces that ship from Basque Country to all over the world. 

The lamps in your room don’t just give light – they act as decorative pieces in their own right and are carefully crafted by Aromas del Campo in Valencia. 

The teacups you drink from are truly one-of-a-kind. They hail from the brand La Abuela Perejiles, where every cup is hand-painted by a Spanish woman who is deeply passionate for her family and art.

Serious about sustainability

Every night you spend with us is climate-neutral. As part of this commitment, we’re extremely conscious about the partners we work with, and the items we source.

Our dining tables are made in Portugal by Tábula, a furniture company established in 1974 with its own production line. Their products are made with wood from certified and sustainable forests, with finishing that doesn’t use raw materials containing added lead or lead compounds.

Art can be sustainable too! We’ve added a bit of flavour and colour into our rooms, with designs exclusively crafted for Bob W and printed on recycled paper by Los Lunes de Pintura.

There’s a story behind every one of our cushion covers from ARENAS Living. Hand-dyed in Mali using a technique called Bogolan, passed down from generation to generation since the twelfth century. The geometric designs are dyed using fermented mud from the Niger River and tree bark, symbolising the experiences from the maker’s village.

Even our curtains are sustainable. Made from 75% recycled materials, these nature-inspired sheer curtains from Vescom are sure to add a sparkle to your stay with us.

Preserving character 

We made a lot of changes to the interior of the building, but left the spanish tiles untouched to preserve the original character of this special place.

Book your stay

Come see Bob W Arte for yourself. Book your stay now via our website for the best rates. Follow Bob on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be the first to know about our new openings. See you in Atocha!

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