Simple Travel Guide: Estonia’s COVID Restrictions

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[Updated 16 March 2021]

In this simple guide, we’ve rounded up government websites with information on travelling to or from Estonia.

These resources will help you answer your COVID-related travel questions like: 

  • Can I enter Estonia?
  • Do I have to self-isolate?
  • Can I travel between Finland and Estonia?
  • What are the quarantine rules?
  • Is COVID testing available on arrival?
  • What are Estonia’s COVID restrictions locally?
  • Where can I find contactless accommodation in Tallinn?

Now isn’t the best time to travel, but if you do have to go to or from Estonia, we hope this guide helps you make informed decisions and stay safe. 

Estonia’s entry requirements

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ page on COVID travel restrictions tells you who is allowed to enter Estonia and under which conditions. It also tells you which destinations you must quarantine for 10 days after travelling from. 

The list of European destinations requiring quarantine is determined based on the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. This page includes a list of European destinations and their infections rates, which are updated weekly. The Ministry’s page also includes a list of destinations from outside Europe from which it’s possible to travel to Estonia. 

When entering Estonia, you must fill out a declaration of health. To save yourself time filling it out on paper at the border, you can fill in the electronic declaration of health up to 24 hours before you arrive. 

Self-isolation & quarantine requirements

In some situations, the 10-day self-isolation period can be shortened with testing. Read the details on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' page. The Ministry also has a helpful FAQ page, which goes into more detail about the rules of self-isolation. 

Travel restrictions between Estonia and Finland

During pre-pandemic times, the travel corridor between Estonia and Finland was a busy one. Now, however, please check the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare's page on travelling during the pandemic to find out who can enter Finland, who should quarantine, and what to do when planning a trip from Finland to Estonia or elsewhere abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland’s page and the Finnish Border Guard’s page also have useful travel information.

COVID tests on arrival in Estonia

Coronavirus testing is widely available across Estonia with results available within 24-48 hours (find your nearest testing site). When arriving to Estonia, you can take a test at the A and D terminals of the Port of Tallinn, at Tallinn Airport, and at the Narva border crossing point. Read more about testing after a trip abroad on the government’s coronavirus testing website.  

Estonia national COVID restrictions 

New, more strict national restrictions went into effect on March 11 in Estonia and are scheduled to last until April 11. In summary, these rules require people to keep distance from each other in indoor and outdoor public spaces, wear masks, and determine which businesses can be open and what kind of events can take place. Read the detailed restrictions from the government’s crisis management website

A contactless place to stay in Tallinn

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Stay safe out there!

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