COVID-19 Update


Guests, Friends & Partners of Bob W,

Here at Bob, our main priority is your comfort, well-being and care for the communities that we inhabit. In light of recent developments with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are actively and continuously monitoring updates and following best practices in line with national authorities and WHO guidelines. 

We take the virus very seriously and urge our friends to keep our spirits up and to be there for each other in these uncharted times.

For those staying and living with us, we promise to do our ‘Bobbest’ (that’s a legit word) in taking care of you through extra measures. Based on the current situation we implemented relevant measures in a timely manner to minimise risks and give you this extra peace of mind*.  *Webster definition of peace of mind - a feeling of being safe or protected.

Steps taken by Bob W

  • Company wide measures:
  • A plan and guidelines have been issued to all staff.
  • All those that are able to work remotely are doing so to minimize risk of spread and we also minimize any face-to-face interaction.
  • We offer free private clinic COVID-19 tests for our entire staff and cleaners in order to minimize exposure to our guests, colleagues and community. (Currently applies to our Estonia based staff only. In Finland, we adhere to all government issued guidelines).
  • We’re asking any Bob W employee or partner who feels ill to stay home at this time.
  • Extra measures with apartment operations and cleaning:
  • Guidelines have been issued to cleaning partners and related staff.
  • All cleaning staff service and clean/sanitize the apartments before your arrival. 
  • All “high-touch” areas in the apartments are being treated with disinfectant/sanitizer (door handles, light switches, remote controls, instax cameras etc).
  • Reviewing and updating procedures:
  • All of our operational procedures have been reviewed in light of the virus.
  • We have issued guidelines for all of our staff and partners to follow. This is in order to operate and react to potential scenarios in these difficult times.

Bookings & Contact-Free Accomodations

You can continue booking our apartments. 

Do you need a clean, secure, work friendly apartment now? If your travel plans have left you stranded, your office closed, you prefer social distancing, or looking for guaranteed unlimited toilet paper (we had to crack a joke in here somewhere), we offer options for you available on

Though Bob W is known for stellar customer service and loving local hosts, our operations run mostly on tech, our self-check ins are virtual, and all of our apartments have keyless entry. This combination limits personal interaction during your stay. 

Starting today, all of our rates will be free to cancel no charge. (See below for more details)

Free Cancellations

  • Existing reservations: For guests with existing individual reservations, including reservations with pre-paid rates (“Pay Now” rates)  that are typically more restrictive, we will allow changes or cancellation without a charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival as long as the change or cancellation is made by April 30, 2020. 
  • New reservations: For guests making new individual reservations on between today and April 30, 2020, we will allow those reservations to be changed or cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours before a guest's scheduled arrival date. Please visit or email us at
  • If you booked on other sites, such as Airbnb, please reach out to them directly. Most of these sites have put in place exception clauses and policies that govern the handling of cancellations during this time.

Peace. Love. Elbow taps. 

Bob W. 

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