Suite Highlights - Telliskivi, Tallinn


So what’s the deal with Telliskivi Neighbourhood? 

Located next to old town in Tallinn's city centre, Telliskivi was built in the Soviet era as an industrial complex. And as you know, former industrial sites make for some inspiring locations.

Now Telliskivi, or Creative District as its known, is the pulse of creative Tallinn with the industrial shell giving a hub for artsy and rustic vibes. With a healthy dose of industrial chic to make it all feel lived in – in a good way.

Telliskivi, as every Bob W neighbourhood, is handpicked. We wouldn’t want to send you to any snoozefest of a district. We also make sure to give you a shortcut into the heart of the area’s culture with tips and by hooking you up with unique local services, including a breakfast add ons in our choice of place, a complimentary gym and local experiences.

So you can live it up like a local without getting lost...

So What's inside every Bob W suite?

Designed for living, every single suite is a full decked out apartment inspired by it’s neighbourhood along with local art, designers & brands. So when you step into our Telliskivi suites, you will see the local vibe from the neighbourhood and Estonia splattered all over the room.

What else to expect? Premium beds. Luxury pillows and duvets. Work-friendly spaces. Fully fitted kitchen. Natural premium toiletries. Nintendo. Sustainable choices and 100% renewable energy. Super fast WIFI. 24/7 keyless check-in. Weekly cleaning. Complimentary gym. Local breakfast. Bob W extras.

Local Art

Splashing more colour around the suite are some locals and their kick-ass art.

First off, let us introduce you to Meru. Meru is an Estonian artist living in the UK, whose art has been spotted in the Telliskivi streets as well as at international venues including Frieze Art Fair.

Prints by TM is the Telliskivi-based artist family of Tõnis and Mariliis Kenkmaa whose graphics showcase wonky and shaken scenes from everyday life. Just the way Bob W likes it. 

QBA epitomizes Telliskivi. The local artist, painter and DJ is true-blue Telliskivi art, really at the core of what this neighbourhood representz!

Local Furniture, Designers and Brands

It’s there where you sleep. You’ll get some high quality shut-eye with the Matri beds. The premium mattress and sleep gear brand’s beds are made locally in Estonia exclusively from certified European materials. So very kosher indeed. On top of that their factory runs on solar panels for most of the year (it ain't always sunny in Tallinn).

Wood is the chosen material of Unolik, a family-owned Estonian furniture manufacturer. In the Telliskivi suites, you can enjoy the quality of their dining tables and chairs.

Warm North is a local timber furniture manufacturer and brand. Their coffee table + tray combo is featured in our suites.

Environmentally friendly, locally manufactured furniture from Tallinn, Estonia by Radis. These suites features TV cabinets, love seats and headboards custom-designed for Bob by Anna Kantanen and made by Radis.

Moving on from the furniture to other knick-knacks and flavours around the interior, say hi to Raili Keiv. A local ceramic artist, her work is internationally recognised and she designed epic coffee cups for our Telliskivi suites. Great stuff, Raili, grateful 🙏

Mind your step! You’re tap-dancing all over Narma’s designs. Luckily they’re carpets –and quality ones at that. Estonian all the way.

And life is lame if you have nothing sweet to put in your mouth, so we also feature StayYoung Chocolates. Locally produced 100% vegan organic chocolates packed with superfoods and packaged sustainably with biodegradable materials.

And there you have it, an intro to our Telliskivi suites and how the neighbourhood is experienced indoors too. You now also have the chance to book one of these suites with monthly, weekly and daily rates. Check our apartments here. 

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