How to Have a Perfect Staycation

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We all know that staycations aren’t the same as your good ol’ Alpine ski trips and bronzy beach getaways. But there are a few excellent reasons to take a staycation now and even after international travel reopens.

A staycation, or a holistay if you prefer, is a way of spending a holiday at home or nearby instead of travelling. Amid international travel restrictions, staycations have become popular again among globetrotters who can’t or choose not to leave their area. 

On top of being a safer and more budget-friendly option, staycations have a smaller environmental impact. As a staycationer, you can invest the money they would otherwise spend on flights, trains or rental cars into local experiences you wouldn’t normally try – like a guided bike tour or a stay in luxe accommodation. Activities like these also support local businesses who might be suffering from a lack of foreign tourists.   

When done properly, a staycation has the potential to be as relaxing as a long haul trip – minus the added stress from international travel, jet lag, roaming charges and visas. Staycations are an opportunity to recharge your batteries and look at your surroundings through fresh eyes. Here are some tips and things to consider when planning your perfect staycation. 

Get a change of scenery

A true staycation can be done without even leaving your home. All that’s really needed is to get yourself in the holiday mindset: take time off from work, silence your phone, close your email, and consider a news and social media detox. 

But if you’ve been going stir crazy looking at the walls of your flat for months on end, a change of scenery may be in order. Take the money you’d otherwise spend on a flight and book yourself a designer apartment in a cool neighbourhood you’ve always admired. 

Take the opportunity to explore the area and soak up the vibe. Even if it’s near where you live, moving into a new space for a few days can be a breath of fresh air for your mental health and even your relationship with your partner. 

Catch up on rest

In addition to seeing and experiencing new things, an important part of most holidays is restoring your energy levels. Book a professionally hosted short stay apartment like Bob W’s to get those crisp, premium linens and super cosy beds that guarantee a great night’s sleep. Pull down the blackout blinds and snooze away!

Another pro of staying in a hosted apartment is letting someone else do the cleaning. Forget about the laundry and dusty bunnies back at your place for a bit and grant yourself permission to rest and unwind.

Master a new recipe  

Some people’s idea of a perfect holiday involves not touching a stove, pot or pan for weeks. If this sounds like you, ordering takeaway from your favourite local restaurants should definitely be on your staycation itinerary. 

But if you love to cook (or are even so bad that you could use a culinary intervention), get some inspiration by ordering meal kits. Fortunately for us, meal kit companies like Clean Kitchen have sprung up like daisies lately, delivering boxes with all the fresh ingredients and instructions needed to cook up restaurant-quality dishes at home. 

Choose a new recipe you’d order at a fancy restaurant and go on a foodie voyage without leaving the house. Order your meal kit directly to your home or staycation accommodation and skip a stressful trip to the grocery store. And the best part of cooking a meal kit versus going to a restaurant? One word: pyjamas. 

Make time for fun

While caught up in the daily grind, fun often takes a backseat. What will really make your staycation feel like a real vacation is cutting loose and doing things you love – just because. 

Curl up and read that novel you’ve been meaning to finish or break out your sketch pad. Rewatch a cheesy, nostalgic movie from your youth or do a puzzle. Make time for the things that you have been putting off but that bring you satisfaction. 

Book one of Bob W’s boutique apartments for a safe, contactless, socially-distanced staycation in Tallinn or Helsinki. In our professionally designed and cleaned spaces, you’ll get a fully equipped kitchen perfect for cooking up a meal kit, dreamy premium beds, a Nintendo for hours of child-like enjoyment, a Polaroid camera to take #staycation selfies, and a bunch of other surprises ;)   

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