Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

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As a serial nomad, Bob W knows the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle wherever he goes. The days of getting smashed and sunburnt for a week or two then buying souvenirs at the airport are over. With people travelling more both for work and pleasure, especially on extended slow-tourism trips, you’ve gotta take care of yourself!  

I sat down with Bob to get his best tips for keeping up your health and fitness while travelling. He believes that making a few smart choices helps you enjoy yourself and still feel like a human being when you get home. As Bob says, you shouldn’t need a holiday to recover from your holiday.  

Bring your running shoes

Running. You can do it almost anywhere, making it perhaps the most versatile travelling workout. Or even if you’re not a runner, bring comfortable shoes and walk instead of taking a taxi or the bus. It’s a great way to see the neighbourhood and some of the city’s sights. Just be conscious about the weather and safety, especially if you like to run in the early mornings or evenings when it’s dark. Scope out some recommended running tracks in your destination like these in Tallinn or Helsinki, for example. 

Keep up your gym routine

Bob has been exercising to biohack his way out of jet lag for years, but luckily it’s also something the rest of us can also do to feel better during and after long-haul trips. Visit your hotel’s gym, check out a free outdoor gym in your destination – or even better – get access to a local gym with all the equipment you’re used to. Most gyms offer one- or multi-visit passes without signing up for a membership. If you’re feeling adventurous, take part in a group dance or aerobics class in the local language and learn some new words and moves ;)

Do some yoga, baby

You don’t need much to do yoga. A mat helps, but even a nice, clean floor or a carpet works. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube, but if you’d like something more professional and ad-free, try Yogaia. They’ve got professional-taught live and recorded classes for all levels. You can search for all kinds of classes like “Flow Chill Pill” or “My Neck, My Back… and Shoulders” (bonus points for creative names). 

Flex those chef’s muscles 

Food is often a window into another city’s way of life, but that doesn’t mean your diet has to go completely off the rails while travelling. Balance those three cronuts, pizza bigger than your head and post-bar fast food binge with a bit of home cooking. Choose accommodation with a kitchen to give yourself the option to buy groceries and cook for yourself once in a while. Take the chance to explore the local grocery store or farmer’s market, get some fresh ingredients and try a new recipe. Eating in and cooking can also save you a buck, which you can then reinvest in a museum visit or a meal at an über fancy restaurant. 

Staying at one of Bob W’s apartments is the easiest way to stay fit on the road. Every single one comes with complimentary access to popular local gyms, nearby jogging route recommendations, yoga mats and 14-days free access to online yoga studio Yogaia. And because Bob knows how important balance is to enjoying your travels, you also get a fully equipped kitchen every time, full of all the tools and appliances you need to whip up great, healthy meals.

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