Digital Nomad Visa Launched in Estonia

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Not content with e-residency and all their world renowned digital services, Estonia this month rolled out a new visa format for digital nomads. The visa allows people to come to Estonia as tourists but to also continue working for a company back home or as an entrepreneur not dictated by a specific location. This could be someone building software or working online where you wouldn’t normally need a physical presence. 

It’s understood that Estonia is one of the first countries to create a digital nomad visa. The term ‘digital nomad’ is a fairly new term which essentially allows an individual to travel the world and at the same time work from any given location.

Credits: Katri Palm

Mart Helme, part of the Estonian interior ministry believes that  the digital nomad visa will strengthen Estonia’s image as an e-state and to help Estonia become more influential in the global arena. Given that Estonia relies on international trade and tourism, Helme believes this will strengthen the impact of the global health crisis. 

Estonia’s startup scene to attract more international talent

From Bolt to Pipedrive to Transferwise, Estonia bats above its average when it comes to unicorn status startups. A country of only 1.3 million people, technology and innovation is core to how Estonia has become an IT hub in Europe, a perfect spot for anyone who fancies a digital nomad lifestyle. 

The new digital nomad visa expected to bring in another 1,400 people every year to Estonia. This new kind of visa would allow young entrepreneurs and workers who temporarily live in Estonia to have the right to reside in the country for 365 days, and will also be entitled to a Schengen visa which allows them to visit member countries for up to 90 days.

Credits: Katri Palm

Thinking about a nomadic lifestyle in Estonia? We’ve got you covered. Bob W is perfect for short and long term stays. Our home-meets-hotel concept is built for digital nomads, kitted out with home appliances you would need for an extended stay, located in Telliskivi where work and play converge. Perfect for finding your feet in a tech enabled country like Estonia.

 A list of our apartments can be found here.

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