the first international climate-neutral hospitality provider

Every night with Bob is climate-neutral

What’s climate neutrality, you ask? It’s similar to being ‘carbon-neutral’ but means that we’ve considered all climate-warming gases in our accounting and offsetting (not just carbon dioxide). We’re reducing our impact on the environment by double offsetting our emissions and working to emit less in the first place.

We’re showing you our numbers

Even though we double offset all our emissions, we believe guests still have the right to know about the impact of their stays with us. We show our numbers, and we want other hospitality providers to show theirs too so consumers can make informed decisions.
This is the race we all need to win!


what we’re doing right now to reduce our emissions

Leading guests by example

When you stay with Bob, you’ll see how easy recycling can be, how good vegan chocolate can taste, and how stylish secondhand furniture can look. We’re also working to provide guests with an easy option to offset the emissions caused by their journey to stay with us.

Saving resources

All the energy we purchase from energy providers comes from 100% renewable sources. We’re also installing reduction tech fixtures in all our new apartments that use less water and up to 9% less energy.

Sourcing responsibly

We source as many apartment furnishings as possible locally and from responsible partners. Currently, over 50% of furniture is made within 400km of our apartments (and a lot of it much closer), and from 2021, each apartment will feature multiple secondhand pieces.

Sustainable partnerships

From landlords to laundry companies, we evaluate and favour responsible vendors based on environmental credentials that can be proven by certificates (like LEED or BREEAM for real estate) or other measurable factors.

Educating our team

We’re by no means sustainability experts, and our team is learning a lot along the way. We’re getting educated by creating onboarding materials, hosting talks with experts, and holding a competition among our employees to reduce our emissions.

every night with Bob W is now climate-neutral and double offset

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100% of emissions double offset

Our main priority is taking action to reduce our emissions. As we do that, we’re also double offsetting our emissions by supporting climate action projects which prevent twice as much carbon from being released into the atmosphere as we at Bob W emit.

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