Refer a future Bobstar, and we’ll thank you with cash


What’s your go-to intro line to introduce two people?

We’re giving you the chance to test it out. You know Bob, he’s got connections. And there’s no doubt that you do too. Now Bob is asking you to scroll through your contact list to introduce stellar people to join our growing team.

Here’s our thinking – people that know Bob are literally our people. By extension, they know more open-minded, curious, and enthusiastic individuals (read: potential Bobstars). But we know that a good referral takes thoughtful effort and time. That’s why we’ll pay you for referring a person who becomes part of the Bob W cult (as long as you follow a few simple steps listed below).

Here’s how the whole thing works.

What is a referral?

We’re going to skip official definitions. What we’re talking about is a referral in the context of introducing a potential candidate to Bob W for an open role.

Bob’s ideal referral

You know those moments when you meet someone, and you just know they’re going to vibe with your closest friends?

That’s what we’re going for here.

That also means you need to know a bit about what Bob W is searching for. That’s pretty simple – keep an eye on our open roles. See a role that someone you know would be a good fit for? Read the role description and tell them about it – share the details so they can tell you if it’s as good of a fit as you think. They’re interested? Get their resume and let them know you’ll make an intro.

Need more information about a role or who we’re looking for? Get in touch with the hiring manager or our People Operations team ( 

Referral reward

Again, it’s not lost on us that finding that exceptional contact to introduce for a specific position takes conscious effort. That’s why there’s a perk.

If you were right about the vibe and the role is a fit for the person after their probation period, we’ll send you €750 as a thank you. That’s a nice chunk of change.

Making the intro

So, you’ve read the job description, know just the person, and they’re up for the intro. Maybe you’ve even picked the Bob W location you’ll stay in with that cool cash (😏).

All that’s left is the actual referral introduction.


All referrals can be sent to Please CC the potential future Bobstar so we can take over the communication from there.


Referring [stellar contact] for [exceptionally cool role]* 

*or something along those lines to let us know it’s a referral


It doesn’t have to be Pulitzer prize worthy but should cover the details: your name, introduction of the candidate and how you know each other, the role you are referring them for and why they’d be a good fit. Don’t forget to attach their resume (pro tip: do this part first).


Hi, Valeriia.

I am Marcus, and I would like to refer Triin Mägi for the Guest Success role at Bob W.

We used to work together at The Best Company, where we sold mobile subscription services to clients via email and phone. Triin is a true professional and a supportive colleague who is always there to help others reach their goals. She is a great listener and an even better communicator, which is important when it comes to the Guest Success role. Plus, she speaks Estonian, English, and Spanish! Her CV is attached. I have CC’d her in this email so you can take it from here.

[your signoff of choice]

Reward details

Make sure your referral counts

Make that intro stat – if the candidate has already applied for the role and a referral is added after the application, then the referral bonus is not valid. The introduction has to be made before the candidate reaches our recruitment pipeline.

You’ll receive a referral for any candidate hired as a permanent full- or part-time employee. The referral program isn’t designed for temporary employees or contractors.

Getting your bounty

Once you’ve introduced the candidate, we’ll take over the communication with the person. That’ll serve as your confirmation that we’ve received the referral.

We’ll get back in touch to get your bank details when the person accepts the offer. 

Once your referral completes their probation period and gets their Bobstar wings, we’ll send you the referral bonus of €750 (net) – give us up to 14 days.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Your intro email was 🔥. The candidate – vetted by you and top-notch. 

But they didn’t get an offer. Or they didn’t make it past probation.

That’s a drag, and it may still happen. If it does, you’re still going to be earning those karma credits – for supporting someone’s career growth, for being thoughtful in your recommendation, and for taking the time to help us find undercover Bobstars. We know that Bob’s friends are always looking out, and we’ll be incredibly grateful – no matter the result. 

So here’s your chance for karma (and bank) credits.

Know someone cool enough to work with Bob? Let us know.

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