Looking Back on Travel in 2020


You’ve heard it a million times, so we’ll only say it once more: 2020 has been a crazy year. But that doesn’t mean it’s been all bad. 

The Bob W crew have been busy showing our guests an awesome time while also crafting the ultimate tech-powered hospitality experience. All of this amidst global changes to the way we travel (or don’t). So, what’s different and how have we adapted?

Travel trends of 2020

Travel changed a lot this year. While many of us missed out on big overseas trips, we got to know areas closer to home and started to appreciate what was always there in our own backyards (in some cases, our literal backyard).

Due to international travel restrictions, domestic travel saw a boost in 2020, as did hyper-local trips within an hour of home. Once people could not take another second of staring at the same four walls of their apartments, staycations became an appealing option.

Instead of travelling to popular urban hubs, people visited smaller, less hyped towns and spent time in nature. When travellers could go somewhere, they often stay longer at their destination (possibly due to quarantine requirements). With many people becoming overnight remote workers, working holidays are no longer reserved for digital nomads. 

Bob W’s 2020 in a few numbers

Despite challenges in the hospitality industry, the Bob W team brought in four million euros in investment to continue expanding, instituted a ridiculously clean 63-step cleaning and sanitisation process in all our apartments, grew our team from five to 30, and we’re still hiring like mad!

Here are a few numbers that summarise this year for us:

  • Number of guests welcomed: 3,427
  • Longest stay: 200+ nights 
  • Google rating: 5 stars
  • Kilos of local Stay Young chocolate gifted: 1,600+
  • Bottles saved from landfill by using refillable soap: 6,850+
  • Pictures taken with our Polaroid cameras: thousands
  • Mario Kart races played on our Nintendos: impossible to know, but probably lots

What to expect in 2021

We have some super cool news coming up in early 2021 that we’re dying to tell you about, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to hear about our big news and other cool stuff too ;)

Thank you to everyone who stayed with us this year, and we hope to host you at one of our comfy, custom designed apartments in 2021. Till then, Happy New Year! 🎉

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