Any questions?





Tower of London

How can I reach the apartment from the airport?
Where's the closest grocery shop?
Where's the closest pharmacy?
Where's the closest postbox? I wanna send a letter to my lover :)
Where can I park my car?
Is breakfast included?
How do I access the complimentary gym?
Do the apartments have extra pillows and blankets?
How do I access the luggage room?
What is the view from the apartments?
How do I operate the heating in the apartments?
The bathroom fan is too noisy and won't stop
New WiFi, who dis?
Am I supposed to heat up the coffee pot on the stove?
In apartment 4B, can I access the roof terrace?
Where's my bathroom light switch?
Can I have an extra bed in my appartment?
Do you have twin beds?
How can I wash my clothes?
How can I wash my clothes?
Does the building have a lift?
Can I buy the water bottles or local coffee cups in the apartment?
Where can I find the first aid kit?
My dishwasher, washing machine, oven, extractor fan, or fridge have no power – now what?
Ooh, a game console! How does it work?
Where's the nearest hospital (with Urgent Care Unit)?
Can I have an extra bed in my apartment?
How do I open the windows?
What do I do with my rubbish?
I need toilet paper, kitchen towels, bin bags but it is now out of business hours?
I need to weight my luggage, can you help?
Where is the nearest post office?
Are the apartments facing the street noisy?
Nice sofa-bed, guys, but, erm.... how do I open it?