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House rulez

updated 29 mar 2022

House rules

Please read Bob's house rules carefully. If you break them, you will be charged a fine and/or your booking will be terminated – and no one wants that!
  • Respect your neighbours. You're sharing the building with other guests and residents. Be aware of your noise levels and keep things tidy. Quiet hours are 10 pm - 8 am daily.
  • No parties or any events that might disturb other guests. We know, parties are fun, but people need their rest too.
  • No pets, unless otherwise confirmed in advance by Bob W in writing. Just reach out with questions!
  • Shoes off inside. Not only does this reduce noise for your neighbours, but it also keeps the apartment clean and in good shape.
  • No smoking, even on balconies. Please use marked outdoor smoking areas.
  • No drugs or use of any illegal substances. If we find a reason to believe this is happening during or after your stay, you will be reported to the local authorities and that’d be a major bummer.
  • No rubbish in the hallways. Please check your apartment for instructions on how to deal with rubbish and recycling.
  • Respect our cleaners. Although each apartment is thoroughly cleaned after check-out, please pick up after yourself and use common sense when leaving. If you leave a big mess that takes extra time to clean up, you’ll be charged.
  • Keep to your check-in and check-out times. Your last-minute schedule changes impact our cleaners and other guests.
  • Report any possible damage you see in the apartment during your stay so Bob can fix it.
You are always fully responsible to pay for damages caused by you, your guests or pets. Any violations of the law or fraudulent activities will result in immediate termination of your booking and will be reported to the local police for further investigation. It’s Bob’s responsibility to make sure all guests are safe and have a good time! Thanks for your understanding and for helping us out with this.


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