Lübeck Old Town Neighbourhood Guide


Lübeck, located in the northern part of Germany, is a city rich in history and charm. As one of the major cities in the Hanseatic League during the Middle Ages, it served as a central hub for trade across Europe. Founded in 1143 as the first port on the Baltic Sea, it has since become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and proudly bears the nickname "City of Seven Towers", referring to the seven towers of its historic old town completely surrounded by water. 

Step straight out of Bob’s place into the romantic alleys of historic Lübeck and get lost in its characteristic brick Gothic architecture, winding cobblestone streets, and historic landmarks like the Holstentor (Holsten Gate) and Marzipanmuseum. Whether you’re a lover of architecture, culinary adventurer, or a history enthusiast, Lübeck will transport you back in time and leave you in awe with its timeless beauty.

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No visit to Lübeck would be complete without exploring the Marzipanmuseum Niederegger. Founded in 1806, this museum is dedicated to highlighting the history and art of marzipan making, which the city is renowned for. Enjoy a stroll through the exhibit admiring the inventive sculptures made entirely from marzipan - everything from castles and ships to life-size figures are on display. And don't forget to sample some delicious marzipan treats at the café afterwards. The cafe boasts an unbelievable selection of flavours, types, and varieties of marzipan that it's a must-visit for any self-respecting sweet tooth!

Another museum that should be on your list, especially if you’re travelling with kids, is the European Hansemuseum. This is the largest museum in the world dedicated to this significant chapter in German and European history. Here you'll find interactive exhibits, cabinets of valuable artefacts, and life-size recreations of historical scenes. Experience a unique and informative glimpse into the world of the Hanse whose legacy still resonates in Lübeck today.

Holsten Gate (Holstentor) / Photo by: Nico Becker

Be sure to stop by Holstentor for a photo op too! This beautiful mediaeval gate dates back to 1464 and played an important role in the city's position as a major trade centre. Though it is no longer used for its original purpose, the Holstentor still stands proudly as a reminder of Lübeck’s powerful past.

Wrap up your cultural tour by stopping at Lübeck's Rathaus (town hall). This impressive building dates back to the 12th century and is a sight to behold. Take in its grandeur from the street side or marvel at all the details of its inner courtyard, before sitting down for a break at one of the nearby restaurants. Soak up Lübeck's atmosphere and truly feel like a local!

When travelling during the Christmas season, the Lübeck Christmas Market, also known as the Lübecker Weihnachtsmarkt, is one of Germany's traditional and enchanting Christmas markets. It typically takes place in the historic old town of Lübeck, a city in northern Germany known for its medieval architecture and UNESCO World Heritage status.

Christmas Market in Germany


The food scene in Lübeck is an exciting mix of the old and the new. Lucky for you, there are a number of top notch restaurants located near Bob's apartments that you can enjoy during your stay. 

Take your pick from a variety of restaurants offering everything from classic German cuisine like Schnitzel and Brathähnchen at Alte Feuerwache, housed in a fire station from 1902. The super friendly staff, amazing food, and Bavarian beer, make this restaurant a place visitors return to time and time again. 

The best fish in town can be found at none other than Fangfrisch. Crowd favourites include the salmon burger, fish soup, and the crispy classic fish & chips. The portions here are extremely generous, the flavours are incredible, and the tasteful sea themed decor makes it extra cosy inside. Put in a reservation ahead of time if you want to eat here for dinner as Fangfrisch gets quite busy.

For something more traditional, try Potters, an old school location serving up home cooked German dishes on a beautiful terrace right on the water. Adventurous eaters will relish the chance to order bloodwurst or Labskaus, a thick Scandinavian stew. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other tasty options on the menu like schnitzel with fries, steak, and apple strudel for dessert.

If you want to try the best Kumpir in town, head straight to Kartoffelspeicher. Specialising in Kumpir, a delectable dish featuring baked potatoes served with a variety of toppings and sauces, Kartoffelspeicher perfectly encapsulates the essence of Lübeck – rich in tradition, welcoming to visitors, and offering a unique twist on the familiar.

Of course, sushi and modern Chinese food is also available at Buddha Bowl Lübeck. The atmosphere here is fantastic and you’re sure to satisfy your Asian food craving with Vietnamese spring rolls, freshly prepared noodles, and homemade ginger lemonade.

Indulge in exquisite fine dining at Miera Restaurant & Feinkost, the ultimate foodie paradise in Lübeck. Their menu offers a mix of Mediterranean flavours with a modern twist, creating the ideal balance between traditional and contemporary. Choose from a variety of seafood dishes, fish-based specialties and vegan options, and browse their extensive wine list featuring some of the best vinos from around the world! Reservations are recommended.

Cafes and breakfast

Bob’s got you covered when it comes to the best cafes and breakfast spots in the city. UTER Café is a favourite local spot that is famous for its homestyle sourdough bread. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet or savoury breakfast, UTER wows visitors with its delicious menu and superb coffee.

Just a few blocks away, you’ll find Konvent, another great spot for chewy sourdough bread and soul-warming coffee. Located in a lovely brick building on the charming St.-Annen-Straße, Konvent is a super relaxing spot to spend your mornings.

Photo by: Maria Orlova

Another popular coffee shop is Cafebar Hüxstraße, a cosy and inviting cafe with some of the best banana bread in the city. It’s a wonderful cafe to stop into for an afternoon caffeine break. Plus, they offer dairy free milk alternatives!

If you love specialty coffee, then you’ll definitely want to check out Kaffeehaus Lübeck. This little cafe boasts its own coffee roast along with breakfast, salads, cakes, and beer, all of which can be enjoyed with views of Hüxstraße walking street.

Bars and nightlife

You don’t have to wander too far from Bob’s pad to find a good place for a drink. Popular among both locals and tourists, Caffe Grande Barcio is widely considered to be one of the best watering holes for happy hour cocktails. Sit outside and enjoy views of the river or wind down inside and soak up the bar’s eye-catching aesthetics. The menu offers an excellent choice of flavours from all over the world including pizzas, burgers, and sosaties (South African chicken skewers).

When day turns to night, Cafebar Hüxstraße is where you’ll want to head for cocktails and ice cold beer. The real magic of Cafebar Hüxstraße unfolds on its outdoor terrace, a bustling hive of activity that spills onto the stone sidewalk. Tables and chairs are packed in, creating an intimate setting where friends, families, and strangers alike gather under the starlit sky.

Photo by: Juliana Stein


Hüxstraße in Lübeck is a vibrant, bustling shopping street that captures the spirit of the city's dynamic blend of history, culture, and modern urban living. Known for its selection of tiny shops and fashionable boutiques, this pedestrian-friendly street provides a prime location for leisurely strolling and window shopping.

The stores along Hüxstraße present an eclectic mix of offerings from high-end fashion, handcrafted jewellery, local crafts, vintage goods and gourmet food items. Ladies, be sure to pop into Vintage Rogue Retro Boutique for some super fun 50s finds. The employees of the shop are happy to help with dressing and style advice ensuring you select the perfect outfit.

My Hats sells a wonderful array of hats, caps, and accessories, some of which are handcrafted in Germany while others are made by various designers. The shop has been operating since 1996, offering hats for warm and cold weather, as well as classic and trendy styles for every occasion. Not sure what you’re looking for? The friendly staff is always ready to give their best hat fashion recommendations.

Sports and wellness

Can’t fathom skipping a workout when you’re away from home? Visit the nearby High5 Gym, where you can stick to your routine for just 10€ per day. 

If fresh air and green space is what you crave, cross over to Katzenberg State Park, just a short walk away from Bob’s apartments. This peaceful pocket of greenery is close to the water and provides a natural oasis away from Lübeck’s busy streets. Featuring nice, wide paths, this city park makes it easy to get a leisurely stroll or run in.  


Stay in the heart of the Old Town in Lübeck with a comfortable Bob W apartment. With a nearby gym and plenty of tasty breakfast options in the area, plus everything you need for short- or long-term stays, you’ll be able to live like a local.

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