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Meet Alewijn Don, also known as Don Drawings, an Amsterdam-born autodidact artist and conceptual designer with a background in Art History and History. He has developed a profound passion for the constructivist movements of the early 20th century, a source of clear inspiration for his artistic style. His work seamlessly incorporates elements from Suprematism, De Stijl, Cubism, and Bauhaus.

He is also the local artist bringing character and personality to our flagship Bob - Bob W Amsterdam Noord, creating over 200 pieces of art that bring in the local Noord neighbourhood, ready for you to enjoy.

In his art, Don utilises a precise and well-defined geometrical style, enabling him to distil and simplify the world around us. His focus lies squarely on lines, forms, and colours, and he skillfully blends them in a spontaneous manner. He passionately states, "Colours and shapes surround us, and by reimagining and elevating them as central themes, I immortalise them." Guided by his own intuition, he strives to establish a connection with his audience through the use of fundamental visual elements. By embracing classical media such as paint and ink, he approaches his craft in an almost digital manner, thereby invoking the memory of modern media.

Don Drawings

What was your inspiration when creating the artwork that features within Bob W Amsterdam Noord?

The artworks I've created for Bob W draw inspiration from the Amsterdam Noord neighbourhood and the rugged architectural character of the apartment building. Over the years, this area has seen rapid development, prompting me to seek a portrayal of both the dynamic evolution of the locality and the entire city of Amsterdam. Within my paintings, you'll discover vibrant, almost mobile, and contrasting elements—a theme I consistently strive to capture. My constant endeavour is to uncover tension while maintaining balance in my quest for compositions. These elements mirror the very essence of Amsterdam itself: a city in constant motion, where contrasts manifest not only in the streets but also in the lively spirit of its inhabitants. Bob W has become an integral part of this character, and through my designs, I aimed to merge the city and this brand-new short-stay apartment building. As a guest, you become a temporary resident of the city. Therefore, awakening to these artworks immediately immerses you in the Amsterdam experience, ensuring that your first steps outside are already infused with its essence.

By Don Drawings
By Don Drawings

Your use of second-hand frames is something Bob W loves, why do you find this so interesting?

I often use second-hand frames for my paintings and drawings, deliberately juxtaposing the graphic, almost rigid stylistic approach of my work with the antique charm of these aged frames. This contrast is particularly pronounced in frames adorned with intricately carved woodwork or plaster details. Additionally, I often repurpose simpler second-hand frames, frequently applying a fresh coat of lacquer to give them a renewed appearance. The rationale behind this choice is straightforward: it is a cost-effective, sustainable option that aligns with my values of repurposing and breathing new life into materials.

One enjoyable aspect of utilising older frames is that they can serve as a creative starting point for new works. Since each frame possesses its unique characteristics, I must consider its size, colour, and shape as I embark on a new project. This inherent challenge adds an element of excitement to my creative process every time I work with these frames.

By Don Drawings

What is it that you love about Bob W and working together on this collaboration?

When Bob W approached me to work together on the interior in terms of artwork I was stoked from the start. I like to believe that my work is a part of the interior, instead of a fully autonomous object. In all my projects with clients I take the interior into account, so to be able to be a part of the interior of a hotel was a dream coming true. The fact that Holloway Li was in on this project also was a huge plus, I’ve been following them for some years and I’m impressed with their interior projects every time. I also love the freshness of the concept of Bob W, I just want to be a part of that. I think my art contributes to the fresh and lively approach of Bob W. We bring out the best in each other, I guess. I am grateful they choose to work with a local artist like myself. I tried to capture the dynamic character of the city of Amsterdam in the works that I created especially for Bob W. So, I think they found the right artist for the job in me.

Don Drawings @ Bob W Noord
Don Drawings @ Bob W Noord

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