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It’s no secret that a true Avangard experience isn’t complete without the greenest neighbourhood of Tallinn — Kadriorg park. The ‘lungs’ of the city offer more than just  picturesque alleys and cute squirrels; the essence of time lives within the historical buildings scattered around the area, some of which might easily become your favourite dining spots. Whether you’re after a quick snack, Instagrammable breakfast or a perfect date night —  Bob’s got you covered.

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Breakfast / Snack / Lunch


Köleri 1, Tallinn, 3-minute walk

Neighbourhood Organic Place, aka NOP, is where locals and expats gather for a nice healthy meal and a great chat. A century-old house welcomes families and pets, but it’s also laptop-tolerant (just in case you're married to work or have that one last email to send). Everyone’s raving about their organic (vegan-friendly) breakfast options and for a good reason! Fifteen whole years in business and still counting, this place is serving your favourite classics such as waffles, porridge, pancakes, fry-up, pudding, and more, each with a uniquetwist and it’s a real 100% organic chef’s kiss. Bob’s personal favourite is chia waffles filled with pistachio cream and complemented by strawberry-kumquat-basil jam. Come have a look at the menu here. And just to hype it up a bit more, here is NOP’s delicious Instagram page. Loving what you see? Add a breakfast pass to your Bob W reservation now using your Guest Area!

Vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, laptop-friendly, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace

NOP / Photo by: Diana Olesjuk

L. Koidula 13A, 8-minute walk 

Bob believes that a good morning should start with a darn fine cup of coffee, so why not check out GOURMET COFFEE? Estonian craft coffee brand Coffee People is here to roast your beans like no other. Yes, it’s true that coffee doesn’t grow on our trees, so it was responsibly produced and safely delivered from Columbia, Ethiopia and Brazil, and beyond (although I decided to stop the list here). As for my cherished tea lovers, you can indulge in a wide selection of flavours. Sounds pretty good already but GOURMET COFFEE’s mouth-watering pastries and hearty breakfast really take the experience to a whole new level. See it for yourself here or on their Instagram. By the way, rumour has it that even the Estonian ex-President came here for a cuppa once, but shh… 

Vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, laptop-friendly, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace


L. Koidula 21c, 12-minute walk 

Whether you’re travelling with children or simply in the mood to indulge in some irresistibly sweet treats, Kooker wouldn't be a bad idea. Their finger-licking mini pancakes and fresh home-made lemonade will not disappoint even the most capricious sweet tooth. Personal favourite: bite-size cheese pancakes and rhubarb lemonade. Bonus point for parents: the cafe is located next to a big playground, amusement park and the worth-a-visit children’s museum Miiamilla. Take a sneak-peek at their Instagram.

Vegetarian, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace

Photo by: Kooker

A. Weizenbergi 22, 10-minute walk 

Katharinenthal is, arguably, the most iconic cafe of Kadriorg. The cafe has everything it takes to make your visit as warm and fuzzy as possible: from a cosy atmosphere to delicious treats (and proper breakfast!). This place is especially charming in summer with its terrace overlooking the Swan Pond and signature gazebo, where occasional classical music concerts are held – an experience definitely recommended to all my classy friends out there. Check the menu here and Instagram there.

Vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace

Faehlmanni cafe

Fr. R. Faehlmanni 18, 6-minute walk 

Introducing Faehlmanni Cafe,Tallinn’s hidden gem for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. It’s located on the border of classy Kadriorg and a roaring 1920s Avant-garde district. Here, comfort food is crafted with flair and sprinkled with love. Personal favourites: Teriyaki chicken served with baked vegetables, pickles and tzatziki sauce or Buddah bowl. Check the menu out here

Vegan, vegetarian, laptop-friendly, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace, car park


Mantel ja Korsten

Poska 19a, 9-minute walk

Looking for a fancy dinner yet craving that comforting embrace of a homely meal? Or maybe you’re looking for a cosy spotfor a special evening with your loved one? Then Mantel ja Korsten (named after its quirky mantel chimney) is the right choice for you. This charming red roof house conquered not only the hearts of locals but it also managed to impress the pickiest of foodies: the Michelin guide. Be prepared for the chef's signature wholesome Mediterranean-inspired cuisine coupled with carefully selected wines by the in-house sommelier, who is conveniently, also the restaurant owner, Rain Veskimäe. By the way, the menu has both vegetarian and vegan options. Also, Mantel ja Korsten just earned another extra point from Bob as these guys support responsible small-scale food and wine producers. Save a seat for you and your special someone here. Or check their Instagram first. 

Vegan, vegetarian, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace, Michelin-approved

Mantel ja Korsten / Photo by: Diana Olesjuk
Mon Repos

Narva mnt. 92, 11-minute walk

Located in a 150-year-old imperial villa, this Michelin-recommended restaurant is here to rock your taste buds with classic French and European cuisine, sprinkled with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it simply perfect. However, the culinary celebration doesn’t end here – passionate foodies are welcome to the second floor, also known as the chef’s floor, where a six-course menu is designed and cooked by the renowned Estonian Chef Executive and Restaurateur Vladislav Djatšuk. Book your dining experience here.For a glimpse of their offerings, click here for their Instagram account. 

Vegetarian, summer terrace, Michelin-approved, car park 


J. Vilmsi 45, 10-minute walk 

This tiny gem  easily ranks as one of the cutest restaurants in the area. Tucked away within the cosiest historic cellar, 7ÜRTI offers a perfect marriage of Mediterranean and Central European cuisine. Here, you can be sure your dinner is made responsibly: chefs use only seasonal ingredients. Check their menu here, and no worries if you’re feeling a bit lost at (the Mediterranean) sea, as their super friendly staff are there to help. In case you need even more convincing, here is their Instagram page. The place can get busy in the evenings, so be sure to give them a ring or book in advance via email.

Vegan, vegetarian, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace, seasonal menu


R. Tobiase 11-1, 10 minute walk

Inspired by Estonia’s first professional composer Rudolf Tobias, this restaurant is dedicated to the art of French cuisine. Where is the connection you ask? Well, these guys secured one of the oldest Estonian cookbooks, containing recipes that were highly popular during the composer's lifetime (late 19th to early 20th century) and just happen to be very French-centric. Their cocktails deserve an honorary mention: from contemporary classics to enticing specialties (the Framboise Fizz is definitely a winner) and refreshing mocktails. Check their menu here and peek at their Instagram here.

vegetarian, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace, parking, laptop-friendly

Rudolf / Photo by: Diana Olesjuk

Fr. R. Faehlmanni 3, 9-minute walk 

For all you burger lovers out there, this one’s for you: come join the burger fiesta at Dereku! I challenge you to select just one burger from the drool-worthy menu: ‘heavy duty’ beef burger, Muhu island lamb, smoked trout, chicken, veggie, vegan and the list goes on. Why stop at just one? The more the merrier, obviously, but Derek and his team don’t skimp on their delicious servings! So keep that in mind if you’re a bit of a lightweight. Now, you might be wondering, who is Derek? Apart from being an absolute burger virtuoso, he’s a Canadian-born Estonian who decided to make a comeback, and we’re definitely here for it. When he’s not behind the counter or doing his magic in the kitchen, his amazing team takes excellent care of eager guests. 

Vegan, vegetarian, family-friendly, pet-friendly (outside area), summer terrace, parking, laptop-friendly


Bob W Avangard

If you want to be in the heart of the city and within walking distance to a huge number of Tallinn’s attractions and other neighbourhoods, then this location is perfect for you. Bob W Avangard is located in the Tallinn City Centre, across the street from Tallinn University and just a few minutes’ walk to Kadriorg park and palace, the seaside promenade, and the harbour. There is a tram stop right outside that will bring you to the Old Town and Telliskivi Creative City in just a few stops with connections to the airport and popular shopping centres as well. Book your stay here.

Bob W Avangard

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