Bob W doubles down in Finland: launching Helsinki's Bob W Kaarti and opening doors in Turku City Centre


Swanky heritage and climate-friendly gem

Nestled in the heart of the action, yet offering the zen vibes of an inner courtyard, Bob W Kaarti is launching this week - a sanctuary of local, sustainable style, where you can enjoy the peace of a winter garden, the friendly warmth of a communal lounge, or the relaxing heat of a traditional Finnish sauna.

Featuring an assortment of studios for 2-4 people, all equipped with custom technology and amenities, Bob W Kaarti offers guests a hotel-quality experience with the authenticity and comfort of a home, but enhanced with the always-on digital support that enables hassle-free access experience and 24/7 chat. You can check in early or check out late - no problem - because customisation extends to every aspect of the experience. As always, Bob also connects guests to local cafes, gyms and facilities.

Each apartment captures the essence of its surroundings, with interiors that include a thoughtful mix of comfy functionality and local inspiration. From hand-picked Finnish vintage pieces to custom-designed art that reflects the spirit of the neighbourhood, every detail tells a story. The design philosophy mirrors the district's identity—imagine a classy lady wearing swanky sneakers; that's the vibe here.

But it’s not just a new pretty face in the hood. We are talking climate-friendly here, as well. With a continued commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with exceptional guest experiences, Bob W has ensured that this is no ordinary building. It stands as another testament to offering premium, sustainable stays, proudly boasting a LEED Gold Rating for its environmentally friendly features. From energy and water efficiency, down to the materials and resources used, every aspect of the building has been carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. 

Bob W's decision to choose Kaartinkaupunki for its fifth Helsinki location is no coincidence. Known for its elegant streets lined with historic façades, high-end dining, and a bustling art scene, Kaarti stands out as a culturally vibrant district. This area complements Bob W’s existing locations in Katajanokka, Ullanlinna, and the city centre, each unique in their own right but unified in offering rich, localised experiences. 

Kaartinkaupunki, often referred to as the design district, is the ideal spot for Bob to mix his signature style with local charm, opening up a gateway to Helsinki’s most artistic and trendy quarter. So, don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to experience this exciting new Bob W location. Bookings open today, so why not be one of the first to stay?

Historical charm and a modern vibe

Launched just a few months ago, Bob W Turku City Centre is finally opening its doors this week. It is situated in the bustling market square next to excellent transport links – a perfect position for exploring the area. If you have never been to Turku, and you are wondering why bother - well, hold on and get this – Turku is actually known as Finland’s Food Capital. It’s all about the sea and fresh local produce, perfect for grabbing a bite or a beer. And in the summer, it really is awesome. 

A walk along the Aura River gives views of traditional mediaeval buildings such as the Turku Cathedral and Castle, and the river boats become these cosy little pubs, and there are outdoor restaurants and music festivals, such as the internationally acclaimed Ruis Rock add to the atmosphere. It’s the kind of spot where you just want to wander around and soak up the atmosphere. Definitely a place you’d want to check out.

But let’s dig in a bit more around those stunning apartments that feature the newly-opened Bob W Turku City Centre. The building where they sit is a purpose-made development in one of the city’s landmark venues, known as ‘Vanun Talo’ or the Cotton Wool House.  Constructed in the 1920s, this historical jugendstil building showcases unique architectural features including the varying floor levels and the recent restoration of the building’s facade. 

When it comes to design, we're drawing inspiration from the functionalism of the 1920s and 1930s, where comfort takes priority and every corner feels like home. Bob is all about local love - teaming up with Turku’s artists, furniture makers, and material designers. We’re tapping into Southwest Finland’s rich pool of talent, like the forward-thinking folks at the New Design Association.

The stylish Bobs in Bob W Turku City Centre are an assortment of studios and 1-bedroom apartments, and are complemented by a mix of office and retail spaces. Inside, local designers and artists have created a warm, authentic atmosphere inspired by the laid-back browns and greens of the city’s riverfront scenery. 

While the main colour palette inside the apartments takes cues from the laid-back browns and greens of the Aura River, we're throwing in accent shades tied to Turku's iconic riverfront landmarks that give the city its unique flair.

Did we whet your appetite? We think we did. Hence dig in now! Use this sneaky NEWBOB15 voucher code at checkout page to get your 15% off and book your next stay - Turku City Centre or Helsinki Kaarti, your choice - before it’s too late. We are not keeping this offer open forevaandeva!

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