Suite Highlights - Punavuori, Helsinki


So what’s the deal with Punavuori?

Now Punavuori, or Design District as its known, is a district in the southwestern part of downtown Helsinki. It is known for its neighbourhood shops, community atmosphere, and lively vibe. The name Punavuori ('Red Mountain') refers to the red-hued rocks found in the area. The name was established in the 17th century. As often is the case with old Helsinki slang, Swedish equivalents were translated back into Finnish with a twist – hence the nickname Rööperi, derived from the Swedish Rödberget. The first residential suburb of the capital city first housed primarily workers, fishers, sailors, and disadvantaged students.

Suites: What’s out there is in here

As in all our locations, the suites have been inspired by the local neighbourhood. So when you step into our Punavuori suites, you will see the local vibe from the neighbourhood and Helsinki splattered all over the room.

Perfectly located and spacious Nordic design home in south central Helsinki with beautiful terrace and stylish interiors by award-winning local design house MadeByChoice and Helsinki-based artist Rasmus Tikkanen.

Enjoy super comfortable beds by Finnish premium provider Matri, a fully-equipped kitchen, a beautiful dining area for the whole family, a cozy sofa to watch Netflix, play Nintendo or just relax a bit, and free gym access to stay active

Splashing more colour around the suite are some locals and their kick-ass art.

5 stunning apartments to pick from

From a cosy suite for 2, right up to a spacious roof top penthouse for 5, we got you covered. We never jeopardise on design nor quality. To see all our Helsinki apartments, tap here.

Bob W suites – how we roll

Every Bob W neighbourhood is handpicked. We wouldn’t want to send you to any snoozefest of a district. We also make sure to give you a shortcut into the heart of the area’s culture with tips and by hooking you up with unique local services, including a breakfast pack in our choice of place, a complimentary gym and local experiences. So you can live it up like a local without getting lost or guessing.

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