24hrs in Amsterdam with Don Drawings

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Alewijn Don, also known as Don Drawings, is an Amsterdam-born autodidact artist and conceptual designer with a background in Art History and History. He has developed a profound passion for the constructivist movements of the early 20th century, a source of clear inspiration for his artistic style. His work seamlessly incorporates elements from Suprematism, De Stijl, Cubism, and Bauhaus.

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I’ve got 24hrs in Amsterdam, what are the must see places to take in, where is best to eat, drink and sample local life?

If you have 24 hours in this city, I would skip the museums and touristy stuff, since the queues could take up too much of your time ;) Instead, start the day at De Wasserette and get a nice breakfast there. They have a good breakfast menu and you’ll start the day in a lively area of the city: De Pijp. After this you could stroll along the Albert Cuyp market (named after the famous 17th cent. painter), and get a good idea of what Amsterdammers are about: always chasing a bargain…

Amsterdam / Photo by: Helen Killandi

Once you had this perfect start of a walk through the city. I would go through the Vondel Park (named after the famous 17th century poet) and stop at the Negen Straatjes. This area which is a part of De Jordaan area, is well known for its boutique (art) shops and trendy bars and restaurants. For lunch: stop at Sous Bar Bistro on the Wolvenstraat (centre of Negen Straatjes) and say hi to Ruben for me. He is the owner and serves you a great lunch. He was kind enough to showcase my art year-round, so you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what I create as well.

Kriterion / Photo by: Helen Killandi

After lunch it is time to walk around the canals in the centre. You could visit either OODE gallery, which I referred to earlier. Or you should go to the Hortus Botanicus. I love that place since I’ve been coming there since I was born (I grew up around the corner). It is a peaceful haven in this quite hectic city. While you’re there walk around the area as well: Plantagebuurt. If you’re not an outside person, go to Kriterion for a coffee and catch a Cult movie there. I’m jealous, this was my favorite cinema while I lived in that part of the city.

Hortus Botanicus / Photo by: Helen Killandi

Now time for dinner: go to restaurant Breda. Although this restaurant carries the name of a town in the southern part of The Netherlands, it still feels like typically “Amsterdams”. The interior is well arranged and in a way trendy and modern, but also a bit majestic. And the menu there is always good! If you happen to catch Freek there, tell him I said I’ve been trying to reach him to have a drink and catch up… He is one of the owner’s and he’s quite chatty, so he’ll be able to help you out with great tips for drinks later!

After dinner, go clubbing! Amsterdam has a lot to offer in this field as well. Out of all options I would recommend going to Shelter, this is below the large A’dam Tower on the banks of “Noord”. Not only is their line-up always spot on, it is also on the way to Bob W Noord, so you could walk home from there. Shelter is dark, obscure and thrilling at the same time: go dance the night away. If you’re early you could maybe catch a party in the tower as well: it’s on one of the top floors and you’ll be able to have a terrific view of Amsterdam while you’re on the dancefloor!

Shelter / Photo by: Helen Killandi


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