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Bob W is the smarter alternative to hotels and random rentals. Fully equipped short-stay apartments for your business or leisure trips. For travellers who want to stay sustainably in handpicked neighbourhoods.

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Our exceptionally cool short-stay apartments are the smarter, more sustainable alternative to hotels and random rentals. Backed by Europe’s top real estate investors and venture capitalists, we’re building the autonomous hospitality technology to give every guest a local, contactless, five-star experience at scale. Bob W apartments are available in Tallinn and Helsinki and are soon expanding to London, Madrid and beyond


Bobstar - a highly skilled digital nomad who champions life, fights for the wellbeing of the planet and all of us, and seeks a 5-star experience for everyone at scale. Being a Bobstar means that everyone in our team is a star and everyone matters. We lift each other up to be stars. Bobstars are part of something larger: a constellation, rising stars in the solar system.


Thanks to technology and careful attention to detail, Bob W gives guests a seamless five-star experience without meeting them face-to-face: something that has appealed to travellers during the pandemic. Our full-stack tech platform – including their app, chat-based customer service, contactless online check-in, and autonomous operations – not only minimises human error but also allows the company to craft the entire guest experience, from booking to check-out, at scale.

Bob’s leadership

Niko karstikko

CEO, Co-founder


COO, Co-founder

taavi Pettai

Snr Director, Real Estate

aleksi Seppo

Director of Growth

Timur Hassanov


Emilia Malmi

CEO, Finland & Estonia

Ivar Laks

Director of Product


Director of Finance

LIIS Toomsalu

People Operations

Bob in the media

"Booking and managing colleagues’ visits with Bob W is hassle-free, simple and beautiful. We use Bob for everything from executive visits to week long employee trainings. Our colleagues love the boutique hotel vibes mixed with the utility of a home, the work-friendly amenities, the thoughtful extras and the ease of it all."
Mirjam - Senior Travel Specialist from Pipedrive
“Super hipster, super cool place, fantastic environment, amazing location and amenities, comfy, well equipped and clean. This is probably the best apartment I've ever stayed in and I cannot recommend it enough.”

James - B2B Guest from Transferwise
"My stay at Bob W was nothing short of exceptional. It had all the perks of living in a hotel but bundled into a trendy apartment. With lots of fun little perks like the instant camera, Nintendo video games, gym passes. I cannot recommend Bob W highly enough. I will definitely be back. Thank you!"
James - B2B Guest from Nafta Films

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