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As the fight to control the corona virus rages, here at Bob we have always had our guests safety at the very forefront of what we do. Our ridiculously clean standard was just one way we quickly made our apartments even more secure during the pandemic.

As quarantine free travel becomes possible for some, we wanted to provide more clarity on the current situation.

It remains that most European countries will have to quarantine for two weeks on arrival to Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday. Norway was added to the list this week. Travel to and from Finland however is completely free of restrictions or periods quarantine. The government also made a decision in principle to lift the self-isolation requirement for people arriving from Latvia and Lithuania if they have taken a coronavirus test within 48 hours before their arrival in Estonia and their test result has proven negative.

Below is a list of countries and their infection rates. Countries above 16 are in bold.

  • Andorra 1631,7
  • Austria 218,8
  • Belgium 1056,6
  • Bulgaria 151,3
  • Croatia 241,4
  • Czech Republic 1066,3
  • Cyprus 122,0
  • Denmark 108,4
  • Finland 54,8*
  • France 453,5
  • Germany 98,7
  • Greece 59,6
  • Hungary 185,9
  • Iceland 296,4
  • Ireland 282,2
  • Italy 191,7
  • Latvia 80,0*
  • Liechtenstein 343,9
  • Lithuania 98,6*
  • Luxembourg 415,7
  • Malta 320,9
  • Monaco 139,0
  • Netherlands 596,1
  • Norway 37,3
  • Poland 250,9
  • Portugal 243,4
  • Romania 250,0
  • San Marino 66,8
  • Slovakia 347,0
  • Slovenia 425,7
  • Spain 379,1
  • Sweden 105,6
  • Switzerland 412,7
  • United Kingdom 367,5
  • Vatican 1717,8

See the list and advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English here.

* Based on Order No 282 of Government of Estonia, the restriction on the freedom of movement does not apply to asymptomatic people who have been on the territory of Lithuania, Latvia or Finland in the past 14 days and have travelled to Estonia directly from Lithuania, Latvia or Finland with the following preconditions:

If you are traveling from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore or Uruguay can enter Estonia and do not need to quarantine on arrival.

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